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What People Are Saying

I would like to thank you for having the wisdom to see the need for the Y2Kids program and its manager, Mr. Michael Heim.Mr. Heim’s sessions are always interesting and enlivening.He sees the children as individuals with special needs, and tries to meet their needs.Mr. Heim is approachable, organized and pleasant.He has a way with children, that brings about success.It is apparent that he believes in what he is doing and the felling is contagious.

My daughter was enrolled in the Y2Kids program.It touched every aspect of her health. Not only did Mr. Heim get her enthused about doing the exercises, but he also got her excited about attending the Nutrition Workshop Lecture Series.

My daughter learned that keeping fit could be fun.She now knows how to make smart food choices.She is in better shape, her self-esteem has improved, and she is interested in participating in school and community sports programs.

Thank you for making the I Can Do It Program live up to its name.


..."After 3 Biggest Loser sessions, over 100 pounds weight lost and going down 7 pants sizes, I'm living a healthier, more active lifestyle... enjoying life to it's fullest. The nutritional lectures helped me learn how to eat healthier and make better food choices. Working with a trainer has given me a variety of exercises, keeping me from getting bored with the same work-out routine. My trainer's constant attention to my progress kept me on track and gave me the inspiration to push myself and achieve tremendous results".

Stephen LaSavia - 2010 Biggest Loser Winner and 2009 Runner up

"I have been in boot camp for over 3 years and I can honestly say that it's the best, most challenging yet fun workout I have ever experienced. Plus, as my long term commitment proves, Chris never allows this class to get too predictable - he always has great tricks up his sleeve in order to keep me guessing. Lastly. if you're looking to see not only physical results but also to spend an hour or so laughing and sweating, Chris's boot camp is by far the place to be!!!"...

Ashley Lenfant - Boot Camp Participant

My name is Kim Tumminello. My daughter Sierra has been in “I Can Do It “program for 1 ˝ years. In that time she has slimmed down a few sizes. More importantly she has benefited greatly from the dietary education she received throughout the program. She can now count not only calories but also fat, sugar, and carbohydrate grams that’s on all the labels. She is also more confident and active.

I can’t say enough good things about the staff. They have shown us a whole new world. They are always there when you need them. We had the privilege of working with Michael, Jill, Tess, our personal trainers from the beginning. They have not only accommodated Sierra when we needed a different workout time but also my daughter Savanna. There have been times that the only way I could get Sierra to the gym was to bring Savanna with us. Savanna is 14 years old and in a wheelchair. It’s very difficult to find sitters capable of handling her care and they allow me to bring her along so that Sierra does not have to miss her workouts.

I have been able to participate in Sierra’s workouts with her and this has truly enhanced both of our lives. Not only do we motivate each other but we have grown closer. We met a lot of very nice people in our workout journey and we feel at home there.

Sierra Tumminello - I Can Do It Program